Monday 3 February 2014

Bookham 10k 2014: Mud Mud Mud

The Bookham 10k is one of those races that you can't wait to run. It's a challenging 10k trail loop across the beautiful Surrey Hills starting at Polesden Lacy looping round and up and down and up and down.

This year's race seemed particularly challenging, this was mainly due to the mud encrusted course that paved the way from mile to mile. I've never seen so many different types of mud.

  • Gloopy mud- stuck firmly to your shoes and made you feel about 1 stone heavier.
  • Grey sloppy mud- almost came over your shoes and made your socks all soggy and needing about 20 washes at 60 degrees.
  • Vortex mud- trying to suck you, by your feet and ankles deep into the depths of the Surrey Hills.
  • Mulchy mud- woody and rather leafy to run on.
  • Treacle mud- where ever you placed your foot it would slide in the opposite direction (usually sideways).
  • Splashy mud- mud that went right up the backs of your legs and beyond.
  • Stinky mud- or perhaps better named swamp mud.
But this was all OK, because the very clever people at Events to Live had made sure there was a good few, deep, cold and muddy puddles to end the race, thus ensuring that all traces of mud and grime were well and truly washed away from the knees down (or ankles if you were tall)!

I can highly recommend it, the T-shirt and chocolate and a handshake from the race director make this unmissable.

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Mrs Lather's Laundry: Janathon Day 14

Washing, washing everywhere and not a scrap to wear!

It's easy to moan about the running during Janathon.

It's easy to moan about the logging.

It's easy to be struck down with severe writers block (10 seconds before sitting down to write your daily blog-trust me this is the hardest part for me)!

But what about all the technical washing?Mount Washmore could quickly build up to munro sized proportions if you didn't add washing onto one of your many Janathon activities!

Today's Janathoning was a 3 mile run,3 mile bike ride, 3 loads of washing!

Monday 13 January 2014

The Hitchhikers Guide to Recovery: Janathon Day 13

I thought long and hard about how best to complete today's recovery Janathon efforts.

Could I count getting out of bed?

Could I count making it downstairs with out falling over?

Could I count getting my compression socks on without help?

Could I count thumbing a lift to work?

Could I count doing outside duty in the rain?

Could I count eating copious amounts of food in response to my runger*?

Could I count those stretches I did whilst hiding in the cupboard at lunchtime?

Could I count the all the walking around I did during the day?

Could I count the way I had to haul myself up from sitting?

Of course not, that's slacking!

3 miles cycled
2 miles run
Recovery well and truly done!

*Runger a term used to describe the terrible hunger felt after a very long long run, not to be confused with the 'runchies' a similar state which demands snacking type activity.